Trump administration centres 4th of July around Armed Forces of America

Trump's administration centers 4th of July around Armed Forces of America

4th of July will bring with itself lots of fun for America. However irrespective of the widespread criticism Donald Trump is all set to honour America’s armed forces. Like every other year, people will pour-out in the streets of the national capital so as to celebrate the birth of America. However, this time the celebration shall specifically feature Armed Forces of America.

Trump's administration centers 4th of July around Armed Forces of America

Tanks are ready to show themselves on the 4th of July
Source: USA Today

This year’s Salute to America shall be dedicated to America’s armed forces: Donald Trump

The decision of honouring the armed forces on the auspicious day of 4th of July has not been well-received by the people. Many claims that this will just cause a distraction from the holiday. However, Donald Trump refused to budge an inch.

This year’s Salute to America will honour the armed forces with music, flyovers, military demonstrations and much more. Critics are not impressed by the decision of dragging pricey military types of equipment on the roads for no acceptable region. Just for the sake of getting the centre stage.

Location, timing and events: Know here

Trump's administration centers 4th of July around Armed Forces of America

Preparation for festivities has begun
Source: WTOP.com

The location of the events is Lincoln Memorial- National Mall situated in Washington DC. The gates are speculated to be opened at around 3:30 pm. However, the show is destined to begin at 6:30 pm and shall run till 7:30 pm.

CBSN has got the official green signal of providing the live coverage of the Salute of America festivities. According to Trump, this year’s festivities encases the biggest of fireworks. A large area of about 1500 which runs from Lincoln Memorial to the reflecting pool shall be booked for VIP. the VIP guests include President Trump’s family, friends and the administration officials.

What all the show holds for us??

Like all other years, the District’s firework display will be open for the common public. The order of events is expected to be

  1. Military flyover ( which is speculated to involve F-35 jets )
  2. Military band performance
  3. Breathtaking fireworks display

And last but not the least the presidential speech of Donald Trump.

Well, no matter what happens or what the centre theme may be people are excited about the event.

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