Tubi is trying to take over Netflix with it’s free services

Tubi tries to compete with its out-of-home campaign

The ad-supportive streaming platform, Tubi is trying to take over Netflix. They are trying to portray, we have an alternative to Netflix and Chill. Their streaming service is going to be large with the launch of the out-of-home campaign. While the launch is on August 5 in various American cities.

The service is completely on ad-supportive which is known as AVOD (ad-support video on demand). And now, the online world is going through subscription fatigue whereas Tubi expects to cut down to free services. However, the campaign will follow-up in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago and New york.

Tubi has the highest active users in AVOD category streaming services

As per reports, Tubi claims to have 20 million active users. This count is highest among the AVOD services available. In addition, Pluto has over 15 million and Xumo counts up to 5 million active users.

On the other hand, Disney and WarnerMedia will punch their streaming platform at the end of 2020. The franchise is trying to launch the streaming platform as a subscription service or SVOD.

Tubi tries to compete with its out-of-home campaign

Tubi teases Hulu at New York’s 34 street
Credits: Broadcasting & Cables

While remaining subscription platform made a hike in their pricing. Emily Jordan from Tubi says consumers need free services over the subscription services.  Apparently, the free service will provide contents that are less volatile. This means that there are no charges and will provide timeless contents to watch.

Its new campaign targets Netflix and Hulu with billboards

At this moment users, binge-watches “Stranger’s Things” on Netflix and move to Tubi to watch “Bachelor in Paradise”. Therefore, a moment of “content food” thrives among the users to switch to Tubi over Netflix. The out-of-home campaign by Tubi is one of the biggest inventory. Previously, billboards and bus ads were a part of the free service campaign.

Tubi tries to compete with its out-of-home campaign

The campaign will run on taxi’s, TVs and social media platforms
Credits: Variety

The campaign will also provide an aerial stunt in Los Angeles as a marketing strategy. The company is planning to get more active users from the upcoming months. Hence, Tubi did not reveal about its expenditure for the OOH campaign.

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