TV Series 2019: List of all the shows that will not be renewed

TV Series 2019: list of shows that got cancelled

TV series in 2019 was about to get much greener for the audience because of the various shows that were running and their expected sequels. BUT! Crack! Do you hear that? I just broke my heart over the TV Series 2019 that got canceled. Please get tissues while you read further.

The American series is known for its quality. This quality is tested on two bases: viewership, and ratings. The scorecard is updated every week, which fluctuates the blood pressure of the crew. The blood pressure isn’t just the problem for the crew. It is also a problem for the fans who live just to watch their favorite shows!

Why can’t the television people keep all the series and why is there such chaos when it comes to rating? Obviously, not every show that was canceled stooped to really low numbers of rating. Though the ratings were not bad they weren’t good either! Just like you quickly pull a band-aid, I promise this article would be short to avoid the pain.

TV Series 2019: Nearly half-dozen dead

The American audience witnessed nearly 14 TV series which were slit. Some TV Series 2019 either did not match the standards or some simply did not make it.

TV Series 2019: list of shows that got cancelled

TV Series 2019: Lethal Weapon joins the list of cancelled shows
Source: Fox

Lethal Weapon has carried its bad luck and season 3 shall be the final season is the news in the air. Along with Lethal Weapon, The Passage is also retired from the slots!


The others include, R.I.P, I Feel Bad, believe me, I seriously do! Pass me the tissue, please! The ABC was on a spree when it slit Speechless, Upfront, Splitting Together and For The People.

TV Series 2019: list of shows that got cancelled

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Why are these titles describing my trauma? This isn’t it, programs like Life in pieces and Murphy Brown and Fam were also deleted. Just, when you think it is over, it starts getting worse. The coming weekend is going to result in more cancellations and thus more trauma. May God Be With Us! Please Stay Hydrated Too!

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