Twitch streamers earn more than expected

Twitch streamers earn more than expected

Twitch which was purchased by Amazon back in 2014 for around 970 US dollars. From there, the platform took an uphill for most of the streamers as a business realm. However, streamers are able to show their skills and make thousands of dollars over time.

Twitch streamers earn more than expected

Ninja was paid 1 million US Dollars for Apex Legends
Source: Livestreamfails

How much a Twitch streamer earns?

The live streaming platform launched in 2011 has deliberately made popular streamers to play new games launched by the publishers. They get paid for streaming new games in their respective channels.

Most importantly, the players can get paid on hourly basis which can go up to 50000 US dollars. Another, example which hit the circle for streamers was when Ninja was paid an amount of 1 million US dollars for playing Apex Legends.

However, this marketing strategy is used by publishers for a long time to attract players. To make more favorable circumstances of the game popular Twitch streamers get paid for playing the same.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Popular publishers like EA, Activision pay a huge amount to streamers for game advertisements before their launch.

Moreover, a lot of money was spent on the streamers during the launch of Apex legend. Not only Ninja was paid that much but other streamers from around the globe were given a handful. YouTube gaming is also one of the live streaming platforms.

Whereas, there is always a battle between the Twitch.tv and YouTube and onlookers often give payment to top streamers on both the platforms.

Twitch streamers earn more than expected

SOURCE: twitch blog

Marketing strategy is gaining popularity

Reed Duchscher, who on looks streamers claims, publishers spend money on high rated streamers to gain viewers. A subsequent streamer probably can attract viewer for a new game which let them earn 25 – 30 K US dollars per hour.

However, this non – traditional marketing strategy is increasing more rapidly. With the release of new games like Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Borderlands 3 by 2K will allow streamers to get top dollars.

Therefore, the publishers who don’t spend on streamers may lack in gaining the audience. This advertisement can get a lot of audiences along with a good increase in sales respectively.

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