Twitter is back after being down worldwide for an hour; issues identified and fixed

Twitter down. site not working worldwide

Is Twitter down again? Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. The microblog enables users to share their short messages across the world. But, the social media website left many of its addicts with no way of sharing their views on Thursday.

The users were forced to return back to their ancient way of broadcasting i.e. Facebook because Twitter went down. If you are also wondering about the outage, you are absolutely right! But, the site is back now!

Twitter down: Site not working worldwide; More than 5,000 Outage Reports Received

Twitter Team identified the issues

According to Twitter’s latest update on its status page, the outage was due to the internal configuration change which is now fixed. People are now able to access Twitter across various parts of the world. As soon as, the social media website went live, people started sharing jokes about the outage.

Downdetector Confirmed the Disruption

DownDetector.com confirmed the news that the users of Twitter are facing issues since 2:46 p.m. EDT. However, Facebook and Instagram appear to be working. Even Reddit experienced outages on the website and app, earlier today but the issues were resolved one hour before Twitter went down.

More than 5000 Outage reports from the parts of the world

Twitter down: Site not working worldwide

Outage.report showed more than 100,000 people affected from the Twitter outage. And the number is still increasing. People from major parts of the world including US and UK gave reactions about the problem they are facing. People were facing issues related to logging in and receiving messages on both website and app.

Twitter literally flopped. from Twitter


Yes Twitter is dead from Twitter

Twitter is down and my subconscious is panicking right now. from Twitter

Facebook and WhatsApp too went down

In the previous week, Facebook and WhatsApp too faced some technical issues. The users were facing the same outage on both website and mobile app. However, these issues were resolved later.

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