Twitter policy update to ban hateful speech for dehumanizing people

Twitter Policy Update
Credits: Washington Post

On July 9, Twitter announced new updates to their policies that will address hateful languages or tweets directed at religious groups. Moreover, this is a great change in how the website moderates against hate speech.

Their new policy has already begun and the users will have to follow the new rules. If everything goes according to the plan, Twitter could use the same standard for other protected groups or individuals in the future.

Alex Jones banned from using Twitter

Last August, Alex Jones who is a popular conspiracy theorist and American radio show host was banned from the Twitter platform. Sources revealed that Jones had broken the company’s rules for more than 7 times.

However, CEO Jack Dorsey still waited to take the final decision at the meeting. Later on, Dorsey had ordered his subordinates to form a new policy for outlawing “dehumanizing speech” on Twitter. The company spent almost one year to comprehend what that really meant.

New Twitter Policy

Today, the company had finally revealed their final product. Twitter has added a new rule which will ban hateful speech for dehumanizing people on the basis of their religion. Besides, users are no longer allowed to call people vermin, maggots or viruses.

However, any current tweet that doesn’t follow the rule should be deleted before the user’s account gets reported. If anyone is found tweeting dehumanizing anti-religious sentiment, then their accounts will get banned or suspended.

From now onwards, Twitter will no longer tolerate dehumanizing speech. Kate Conger also stated that religion is the easiest place to begin the policy. Moreover, it has also banned users from using hateful imagery which includes Swastikas.

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