Uber delivery pass leaked ahead of launch

Uber delivery pass leaked ahead of launch

Uber Eats is going to launch its delivery pass soon if leaks are to be trusted. It has been found in the Android app for Uber Eats that it has added a provision for a pass costing $9.99. Uber Eats has been a highly successful venture and people have gotten used to ordering in food that they had to go out for. It has made life convenient for people. Families have stopped cooking meals and have become completely reliant on Uber Eats and similar apps like DoorDash.

Uber delivery pass leaked ahead of launch

Uber Eats is a very easy delivery method. Source: Eater

How useful is the pass?

The subscription would be highly beneficial to people who order-in frequently. Usually, a delivery costs around 15% of the order amount which comes to around $5. The pass which costs just 10$ will benefit users a lot because they can order all month long by paying the amount equivalent to just 2 deliveries. Uber is also going to earn through with flat delivery fees which won’t let people order items like a single taco. It is also going to rake in a lot of customer base, which will be beneficial for the company in the long run. After all, what all these companies are doing is that only, they are just trying to lock in customers.

Uber delivery pass leaked ahead of launch

Uber Eats app on an iPhone. Source: Fortune

The future of Uber

Uber is willing to explore new business opportunities every day. They want their share price to increase like any other IPO and are willing to work for it. If this share pass releases, it could be of great help to uber. If they combine the Uber Eats and the Uber Ride Sharing pass, they could create the ultimate combo. This just might happen for the company and take them to another level.

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