UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal sets the record for the fastest KO

UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal sets the record for the fastest KO

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has set an all-time record on Saturday night in UFC 239. Jorge knocked out Ben Askren in a mere 5 seconds of time. It was a battle like if you had just blinked the game was done and dusted. The two welterweight stars played against each other at the UFC 239 event in Las Vegas. As soon as the bell rang, the highly decorated wrestler, Ben Askren just put his head down and decided for a takedown. The challenge was readily expected by Jorge Masvidal before the match.

UFC 239: Masvidal packs a punch

UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal sets the record for the fastest KO

Masvidal was clearly prepared about the move and seemed as if he was training for that move especially. Jorge came sprinting down his corner with his knees raised that connected directly to Askren’s temple knocking him out.

Due to the ferocious blow, Jorge Askren went cold before he could actually hit the mat. But Masvidal being the kind of ruthless guy he is he kept smashing Ben until the referee intervened and stopped the fight.

Askren finally woke up after the dangerous blow, he was taken at the back and was treated by the Medical staffers. Later on he was transferred to a local hospital, there is no further news but hopefully, everything is okay. But talking about Masvidal man, what a gem he is, WOW…

Belt awaits Masvidal

Ahead of the match, Masvidal had promised to end Askren, and boy he did that with great presence of mind. By the way, talking about the previous record for fastest UFC knockdown was 6 seconds which was held by Duane Ludwig.

UFC's Jorge Masvidal sets record

Colby Covington believes that Masvidal should be aiming to get the next shot at the belt. With Masvidal blistering knockout it makes him the top consideration for challenging the champion, Usman. Usman is expected to make a return to the octagon in the latter part of this year.

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