UK is spending £22m in Cyber Centres

UK is spending £22m in cyber centres

The United Kingdom is spending 22 million GBP for building cyber centres to engage in an offensive operation. In order to put the army at the front row of information warfare. Along with the expertise involved from national intelligence department and open source data providers. This step from the government will help to support operations maintained overseas, humanitarian missions and to protect the UK’s digital world. Including the purpose, these centres will work along with the military like 77 brigades and also with national security institutions.

UK is spending £22m in cyber centres


Cyber centres will help in cyber warfare

However, the cyber centres are responsible to provide 24/7 information and detailed analysis reports along with resolving misinformation. In addition, the military forces will be alarmed as an upper hand with the upcoming digital threat.

According to Penny Mordaunt, the dangers are inevitable as of now. However, she points out Russia, China or North Korea as the main source of dangers. And the dangers can be in the form of hacks, or criminal activity even a malware and fake news can be detected.

However, the strategy maintained between British intelligence and army is wholesome of fuzzy concepts. Therefore, both the officials are working together to strengthen the security services of a nation. On the other hand, the UK military is working to improve its cyber departments.

This development can up with an investment of 1.9 billion GBP in the National Cyber Security. With this, there is also development by creating National Cyber Security centres. This comprises of government – intelligence agencies, and even the state of the art – Defence Cyber School.

UK is spending £22m in cyber centres

Defence Secretary penny Mordaunt to reveal plans for the cyber centres
SOURCE: sky news

Russia is accused of cyber campaign

Moreover, foreign secretary of the UK along with the NATO officials, he implicated Russia for operating “global cyber campaign”. This operation by Russia is overhauled throughout the world.

However, the cyber centres are primarily based in the UK, but the officials didn’t disclose precise locations. The cyber centres will be build and start working in late 2020.

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