UK woman living along with maggots due to her OCD

Hoarder from UK living along with maggots

Sometimes hoarding can be good but Sally Ann, a UK woman hoarded maggots and cat poo. Her living room is a stockpile of unnecessary goods that blocked even her refrigerator. She was unable to go to the bathroom as she had to cross over the pile which she has made.

Sometimes, the hoarder is responsible for their own health and develop a disease which won’t let them leave a single possession behind.

Hoarder from UK living along with maggots

SOURCE: Mirror

UK woman – responsible for such nasty collections

A 47 years UK woman turned her flat into garbage piling place with maggots, cat poo and garbage. Moreover, she even forced herself to pee in the leftover water bottles in her room.

Sally describes her cat’s doings as hell, who litters its poop at every corner of her room. This mess was a makeover for more than two years and was cleaned when the neighbors reported about the same.

This was the second time this UK woman was responsible for making such a mess. However, the council called for a deep session clean, the mess was trigged with a stinking all over.

From the Channel 5 documentary, she explains her situation as she was less bothered to throw away the things. UK woman explains with a fact that – the people who are messier tend to have more brain and are intelligent. Moreover, she presents herself in a class of rubbish hoarder.

Hoarder from UK living along with maggots

SOURCE: Mirror

How the problem arise?

The problem occurred when her mother died and she moved to her own flat. In addition, she even struggled with her father. However, when the cleaning specialist arrived they were stunned by the horrific scene.

Cleaner specialist Caz and T took around four days to clean the mess. Sally’s flat in Dudley, Wes Midlands needed a deep clean for another time. Last time it took around six consecutive days to clean up the mess.

Moreover, the cleaners are worried about Sally, who received counseling for 18 months has hoarded again. At last cleaning for around 4 days, they eventually made a bed that was worth for sleeping.

This type of hoarding cases arises every year with a number of 1.2 million in the UK. Some even claim to hoard at houses as “The art of letting go”.

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