United States Cyber Attack strikes Iran’s military computers

United States Cyber Attack
Credits: Washington Times

Last week, the United States launched a Cyber Attack against the computers of the Iranian military. It was a befitting answer to Iran’s downing of an American surveillance drone. According to the sources, President Donald Trump gave the confirmation to retaliate against Iran.

Who was the main target of US Cyber Attack?

The retaliation was targeted at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. As per the news, this year the branch has been officially declared as a terrorist organization. The administration officials also stated that the cyber attack mainly aimed at computer systems. Moreover, it controls the missile launchers and Corps’ rocket.

President Trump was presented with many other options as a response to Iran. But he chose to pick this one after the event in which Iran shot down a U.S. drone over the Strait of Hormuz. However, it seems like America is ready for the action for the cyber war with Iran action, after the trade war with China.

Luckily, no Americans were travelling in the aircraft. Besides, shooting down the US aircraft has grown the tension between the two countries. Moreover, some citizens believe that Trump has taken the right decision to order airstrikes in Iran. Also, this isn’t the first time America has aimed Iran with a cyber attack.

Why Trump doesn’t want Iran to acquire nuclear weapons?

Recently, Trump tweeted that he will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. Moreover, he added that they would be putting additional sanctions on Monday. After the attack, the intelligence and military officials stated that America would attack back against the Iranian aggression in cyberspace.

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