Universal Orlando’s new Hagrid themed ride is now open for public to enjoy

Universal Orlando's new Hagrid themed ride is now open for public to enjoy

The Wizarding world created by JK Rowling seems to be growing at an ever-escalating pace. Addition of new books to the series might have come to an end, but the real world keeps on evolving so as to bring more and more magic in it. Now you can also have a similar experience in Hagrid themed ride.

Universal Orlando's new Hagrid themed ride is now open for public to enjoy

A glimpse of the ride
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Universal Orlando’s new Hagrid motorbike ride had a wait-list of nearly 10 hours soon after the inauguration

Universal Orlando seems to have undertaken the task of adding a modicum of magic in this monotonous world. On Thursday morning Universal Orlando opened the gates of its new Hagrid themed roller coaster for the public.

The new roller coaster is baptized as Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike ride at Islands of Adventure. Within an hour of opening, the new Wizarding world themed ride had a 10 hours wait. The faithful and loyal Harry Potter fans waited patiently for 10 hours in the long and slithering line.

Why was there a holdup: know here

Around midday, the employees of Universal Orlando informed the visitors about nearly 5 hours wait. Roller coaster enthusiasts, as well as Potterheads, commenced making a queue for the ride just outside Islands of Adventure theme park.

Soon the line multiplied at a geometric progression rate and was found stretched from Hogsmeade entrance up to the Universal CityWalk. Universal seems to have come up with an option of Virtual Line system so as to avoid this situation in future.

Universal Orlando's new Hagrid themed ride is now open for public to enjoy

The ride gives you a tour of the forbidden forest
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However, even if this idea gets a green signal it might not be implemented before Friday. In this Virtual Line system, visitors will be allowed to make a reservation for the ride via an app. Thus giving people a fair and square chance of riding the ride without waiting in a horribly long line. The app will even inform the people when it is time for them to step in the queue.

The Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike ride is a 300 million dollar investment from the Universal. The ride takes its passengers on a mile long journey through the Forbidden Forest on the Iconic motorbike of Hagrid. The ride was constructed in a span of 2 years.

This Hagrid themed ride is not a new addition to the Universal Orlando park. Actually, it is a replacement of Dueling Dragons roller coasters. The Dueling Dragons were popularly known as Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Dragon Challenge roller coaster.

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