Unknown Flashes of light on Moon: Is the Moon having a message for us?


Sparkles of lights which keep coming from Moon have kept the scientists puzzled for quite a long time now. It is incredulous that after so much advancement we are unable to lift curtains of this issue. We still don’t have answers that from where this light keeps emanating.

But A German Scientist Hakan Kayal has a belief that he may be onto something special. He said he has a good reason behind the occurrence of such events regularly. The phenomenon in scientific terms is referred to the as transient lunar phenomenon (TLP).

He has claimed that he is able to explain the result of such occurrences with the help of telescopes and stuff. He along with his team members has built an observatory in a remote part of Spain to study the effect.

Unknown Flashes of light on Moon

Finally, the breakthrough arrives:

He explained that the mild budget system that he has designed has two telescopes mounted on the base.

Each telescope is attached with separate cameras. The instrument which in turn are connected to two separate computers using Artificial Intelligence to distinguish the source of the flash.

The telescopes will continuously scan the moon’s surface for lights. It will click a picture if and only if it observes some kind of lightning on the moon.

Mr Kayal stated that the goal was to make the system adapt to absorbing lights and distinguish light sources. Distinguish random phenomenons – such as meteorites or birds passing in front of the camera. So that the possible causes of TLP can be brought down.

Why was it an Achilles heel?

One of the main challenges that lie in front of Mr Kayal and his team is to generate a trusted instrument.

Unknown Flashes of light on Moon: Is the Moon having a message for us?

Scientists are well known about the occurring of the effects of TLP. Since the 1950’s they knew TLP but they were never on a large scale so they went unnoticed.

He is optimistic that he will be able to prove his theory that “When the surfaces move gases that reflect the sunlight can have an easy escape from moon’s interiors”. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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