Velocipastor: Priest vs Ninjas with a twist in the plot


Velocipastor has got the fans all thrilled to watch the upcoming movie. The fans are triggered to another level of excitement with the trailer of the movie. The video features a priest who goes through alteration and becomes a dinosaur just to give a good fight to the Ninjas.

The plot of the story is all new and comes up with a zest that is capable of engaging an audience. This is probably one of the rarest kind of synopsis that one has ever heard of.

Velocipastor: Plot of the story

The plot of the story brings us to a priest who travels to China after the death of his parents. Here, he happens to inherit an ability that is really mysterious.

This is when people cannot take their eyes off. Using the ability he can turn himself to a mere dinosaur.

Velocipastor: a Priest's Transition to Dinosaur

Velocipastor: a Priest’s Transition to Dinosaur
Source: YouTube

At first, he is horrified himself. This is because of the power he had. But later on, hookers convince him to use this as a positivity.

Ultimately he uses this power to fight against crime and evil. The tale of beholding the power and using it for the good is enough to catch hold each bit of the attention of the viewers.

Critical analysis of the Dino-priest

The glory of the priest is that he is exceptionally powerful as the beast while destroying the evil is the best plot that is an attention seeker. The haunting dinosaur is good at heart.

The movie is convincing enough for the fans to understand the good side of the priest. The action scenes with the Ninja is catchy enough.

He is killing the sinners with a merely dangerous side. This is an awesome part to witness the man of cloth turning into a ferocious beast.

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