Volvo VERA establishes a new era in autonomous vehicles

Volvo VERA establishes a new era in autonomous vehicles

Volvo with VERA establishes the period of an autonomous vehicle for commercial operations in Sweden. Volvo’s autonomous Vera is powered by the same drive-train and battery packs found in previous versions. VERA is a totally self-driving vehicle. VERA‘s near to perfect structure is right on target and will be deployed in Sweden. Volvo organization in partnership with DFDS(Danish international shipping and logistics company) sends this truck in Sweden for transportation purposes.

The data and knowledge gathered from this first deployment will allow Volvo Trucks to improved their autonomous vehicle systems for future projects. Vera receiving its first assignment towing containers. From a logistics centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, to a nearby port terminal for distribution around the world. Other Volvos trucks would also depend on data from initial trucks.

Mikael Karlson, the former vice president of Volvo released the following statement on VERA,

“Now we have the opportunity to implement Vera in an ideal setting and further develop her potential for other similar operations,”


Design for VERA

“Autonomous transports with low noise levels and zero exhaust emissions have an important role to play in the future of logistics, and will benefit both business and society,”


The idea for VERA design model

Volvo specifically removed the driver’s cabin so as to make the look spot on and unique. VERA‘s design makes it look more approachable and classy.

The thinking is that one-day fleets of connected Veras can scurry around ports, factories and other facilities with large loads on the back. Communicating with one another via a control centre over the cloud. This could optimize traffic flow, keep operations running smoothly and minimize waiting times.

Still, VERA as opposed to being ‘a completely automatic vehicle’ requires close human checking and can’t travel faster than 40 kmph. It is practical for moving loads over to a short distance. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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