Walmart offers huge discounts on 4th of July sale

Walmart 4th of July TV sale

With a number of sales scheduled to take place on the 4th of July, you should not let this special Walmart sale just pass away. Walmart has slashed its prices for the highly rated 4K NanoCell TV sets of LG for small time. Right now you can get the best deal in the market with savings of $603 for 65 inch TV sets.

Walmart Sale: LG making life good again

Walmart offers huge sales on 4th of July

It’s just the beginning as the highly asked 8 and 9 series models are also on sale. LG’s NanoCell TV’s are way above in quality than the average 4K TV sets. The nanocell technology uses the 4K resolution to deliver lifelike accuracy to deliver vibrant colours to give the best quality to watch. Some reviewers have said that the quality is similar to OLED technology.

The TV does match the quality of OLED in lighting conditions when exposed to normal light. The only time one can differentiate between a NanoCell and an OLED display is when one has an OLED display on the side. The vibrant colours that pop off the screen are sheer quality. One user said like he was missing the older TV sets just for the nostalgic scene.

Walmart offers huge sales on 4th of July

Walmart’s TV deals are great:

The display is so stunning, the TV just doubles its art when it is set to the Gallery mode. One user said like he recently discovered the gallery mode which transforms its display into a beautified piece of art literally.

This mode immediately enhances the atmosphere when it is switched on and also has a music mode with it which is perfect for studying, said a delighted consumer.

The features of the TV just don’t end here. The LG AI-powered TV’s also comes with Alexa and Google Assistant built-in for the best home experience, unlike any other TV sets. So if you are in the market for the best deals along with great bargains, these are the must-buy options.

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