Want a cheap Sonos speaker? Buy this Bookshelf from Ikea!

Sonos speakers

Do you want a cheap Sonos speaker? And a bookshelf? What if we tell you can buy a bookshelf with speakers? This is for real. All of it. Ikea has collaborated with Sonos to bring an affordable $100 bookshelf-speaker.

And they aren’t as bad as you think.

Ikea? Sonos speaker? Symfonisk!

Wait, what are you talking about? In the first week of August, millions of Ikea customers will now be able to buy the new Ikea/Sonos Symfonisk speakers.

Sonos is a premium audio brand whereas Ikea excels at making those sweet pieces of furniture you have at your home. As of now, the Symfonisk speaker lineup has only two products.

The bookshelf speaker we talked about earlier, is available only for $100. The bookshelf can actually be mounted on the wall and is not a dummy. The other product is a table lamp (with Sonos speaker inside of the lamp) which is on sale and is available for $180 right now.

Sonos speaker free with bookshelf from Ikea

What about the audio quality?

According to Sonos, the table lamp speaker sound similar to the Sonos One. After comparing the two products, the audio quality was unbelievably close to the Sonos One. The only difference is that the Sonos One is meant to be a 360-degree speaker whereas the table lamp sounds unidirectional.

However, the cheaper Bookshelf speaker is quite good but the audio seems somewhat less-refined and cuts down on some bass. But it is still a good speaker considering the fact that you also get a neat Bookshelf.

Sonos speaker free with bookshelf from Ikea

Ikea always wanted to make ripples in the smart furniture market but never bothered with electronics except for smart lightbulbs. Anyways, the thing which makes this newfound partnership interesting is that you can get Sonos speakers for a cheap price.

Earlier, the cheapest Sonos speakers, the Play:1, would cost you $150 but the new Symfonisk speaker brings it down by $50. If you are concerned about how you will control them, its the same as any other Sonos speakers. Just fire up the app and you have a plethora of options at your disposal.

Ikea and Sonos surely have disrupted the market by offering something none of us imagined. What do you think of the new speaker cum furniture combo? Are you interested in buying the bookshelf or the table lamp? Let us know in the comments below!

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