Washington Flash Floods drown White House, Reagan National Airport and Subway

Washington faces adverse repercussions of Flash Floods

Washington and areas near it faced extreme floods, heavy rains and outrages of power on Monday. The heavy rainfall is over and people are still recovering with floods.

Areas affected by flash flood

  • Residents of Washington D.C. area got affected. They are taking time to recover.
  • Various parts of Canal Road, Kalorama Road, South Capitol Street, Arizona Avenue and many more areas of Washington also got affected.
  • North West Washington Canal Road was also among the affected areas.
  • In North Potomac, water fell above 5 inches.
  • About 6 inches of rainfall was reported in the Frederick area.

Other places which got affected:-

  • The fervour of rain was so intense that the water went inside the White House.
  • Several cars got waterlogged.
  • At American Legion Bridge, the inner loop of Beltway was closed temporarily.
  • A Mini Chopper was seen floating on water.
  • Water also got accumulated in Reagan’s National Airport.

Services which got affected:-

  • Lots of Dominion and Pepco customers were with no power of several hours
  • Many trains got delayed.
  • Utility crews weren’t able to reach the affected locations because of high water levels.
  • Many lawyers, doctors and government job workers weren’t able to reach their workplaces.

Impact of heavy rainfall- According to the people, the initial first-hour rainfall is equivalent to a whole month’s total rainfall. People were terribly freaked out. The water level quickly started increasing. Rainwater was entering inside their cars. People climbed above the roof of cars.  This heavy rainfall and extreme floods affected many properties and services.

In spite of the rigorous rainfall and flood, no death and injury cases got registered.  People are still trying to recover from the dreadful effects of the flood.

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