Watch Dogs Legion is in rumour for the E3 2019

Watch Dogs Legion is in rumour for the E3 2019

Though the E3 2019 is coming into the light next week, we are all covered with news of legendary games. This time another all-time legendary “Watch Dogs Legion” is getting a specific profile. A tweet from the official twitter reveals a little about the game but specifics about the game launch at the E3. However, the tweet also reads a message “God save the NPCs” along with the confirmation of game at E3 2019.

Watch Dogs Legion is in rumour for the E3 2019


Watch Dogs Legion follows the original story

Another big surprise from the Ubisoft is leaked before the upcoming event next week. Amazon UK was responsible for the accidental reveal of the game. As to how the company posted a product page claiming about the game and is based in London.

Moreover, the game is based on the future dystopian of London. Where the Brexit is changed with respect to politics and technology. And more importantly, London’s future is altered and fortunes are in bad form.

There is another major remark about the product description from the Amazon UK page. It states that London will make total sense about the Watch Dogs. Apparently, no one expects from a well-known publisher for this kind of phrase. While some reports that the spelling of “Surveillance” is written as [surveillce].

However, something might be wrong with the product description but the setting of London was in news from some months. Another report from “Kotaku” confirmed about the name of the game as “Watch Dogs Legion” and London to be its set up Location.

Watch Dogs Legion is in rumour for the E3 2019


How to counter with the Gameplay and releases?

Most entertaining part about the game is that it can be played with any of the characters. The product describes as “play with anyone” thus, making a unique experience in gameplay. The Watch Dogs series initially started from Chicago then San Francisco and now London. Moreover, this is not the first time that Ubisoft is experiencing a leak of its best games before the event.

Another game Roller Champions is also in leaks for the E3 2019. This E3 2019, can be more accurate for the Ubisoft to reveal two of its rumoured games at the panel conference. Thus, both the games will a full priced release and players will have a unique experience.

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