Watchmen Official Comic-Con Trailer is here and it looks incredible

Watchmen official Comic con trailer is here and looks amazing:

The Watchmen Comic-Con trailer gives just what the fans had expected from HBO. The series is directed by Damon Lindelof. Since the ending of the iconic TV series of Game of Thrones, the network is looking for its next big thing.

They are highly optimistic that Watchmen is capable of delivering the content the audience desires.

Watchmen Series on HBO

Watchmen official Comic con trailer is here and looks amazing:

With the launch of the trailer, Lindelof’s series does furnish some positive results for the franchise. There was some dilemma when the first announcement was made for the show.

But now with the release of the new trailer, everything seems to be finding it’s way. It is also clear that Lindelof’s wants some spins with Alan Moore’s iconic source material on the small screen.

In the recent trailer, the doomsday clock is ticking. HBO didn’t have separate plans for the SDCC so they decided to drop separate trailer. Characters and dialogues are actually familiar in the trailer of the series. We also get the Rorschach infamous dialogue

All the whore and politicians will look up and shout, ‘Save us,’ and I’ll look down and whisper ‘No’.

Will Watchman fill the void

Watchmen official Comic con trailer is here and looks amazing:

When the announcement of Watchmen was first made Lindelof was very clear with the fact it will not be an exact copy of Mr Moore and Mr Gibbons twelve issues dating back to 30 years. The show is not a sequel or the remake but it is an adaptation which happens to be in the same universe.

Lindelof further went on with his clarifications saying that the twelve issues are old testaments. And the new release would not erase the earlier one.

Since there was no Watchmen Panel at the San Diego Comic-con, fans were disappointed but they wished to at-least get the released dates. The trailer looks promising but we have no idea when is HBO wishing to stream this on air. If things go according to plan we might end up getting the show by the end of this year.

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