Watchmen Season 2 Release Date Rumors Speculated

Watchmen Season 2

Watchmen season 2 is soon to knock with a promised appearance. Watchmen comic fans recently experienced the actual depth of the phase ‘Joy that kills’! For their favorite comic book promised a TV appearance. The much-loved characters of the comic book finally found their way to the magical screen to showcase its true potential.

Watchmen Season 2: Story

The show is destined to hold a total of nine episodes and one of them is already out! The first episode of Watchmen was launched out for the impatient world on 20th October.

Eight more weeks dear ones and we will have the entire show in our hands! However, even when the first installment of the series is still not completely unveiled fans are speculating about the next! We live in insatiable times, my friends!

Watchmen Season 2 details

The expectations

The anticipation leads to rumors and murmurs about what more can be expected from the next season. So here I am with some details about what all can actually be hoped for regarding Watchmen season 2.

Damon Lindelof is quite confident about the fact that he has kept the movie and comic slightly aside so as to give the audience some new adventures.

So all the desperate fans out there be sure all your guesses will not turn out to be true!! If the status quo is considered HBO does not plan on any sequel. For it is waiting for the rating scores to be set first.

Watchmen Season 2

The fact that Watchmen is not a typical superhero show makes something’s clear. For starters, the death of any superhuman marks the end of his/ her life. No after death comebacks except for flashbacks and memories. Speculations even state that the second season might be it’s last. As indirectly stated by the producer himself. Nicole said that he has mattered for at least season if no more come out!

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