Macaulay Culkin has a brutal response to Home Alone reboot

We have an ugly reboot of Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin has joined the hands with fans to roast Disney who are planning a Home Alone reboot. He gives a hilarious and harsh reality check. The OG Kevin McCallister shared a photo on Instagram of himself looking disheveled and bloated in his undies.

He is seen sitting on an old couch, with a plate of food in hand. He is also having an untidy piece of cloth on his lap along with the laptop.

Macaulay and Home Alone reboot

We have an ugly reboot of Home Alone

Talking about the sarcasm in the pic, this is how the updated version of Home Alone will look. Macaulay has always had a good sense of humour when someone asks about reprising the movies that launched him in stardom way back in 1990.

It is clear that he could not resist another parody. Along with shade of holiday spirit with snowman pillow beside him.

In case someone missed it, CEO of Disney Bob Iger made an announcement about the reboot of several Fox franchise movies that he has recently gained access to. Along with Home Alone reboot, Iger is planning to reboot  “Diary of a Wimpy kid”, “Night at the museum” and “Cheaper by the Dozen”. This doesn’t seem a nice idea but this is how it stands as of now.

Disney on their way to a disaster

This was probably inevitable, but for many fans, the idea of Home Alone reboot still seems to be a terrible choice. But this is not the case with the Disney CEO, Mr. Igers. This can best be described by the word Kevin used for Buzz’s girlfriend …. Woof!!

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