Weather Updates 2019: Tornadoes hit Kansas, bad news to follow

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We have got some important weather updates for you. The extreme weather is going to be a thing this weekend because of the forceful winds that are blowing into the United States affecting at least 18 states and over 40 million citizens.

Large hail, tornadoes, existence-threatening flash flooding and unfavorable winds will be seen and also extreme thunderstorms.

Weather Updates 2019: Tornadoes hit Kansas, bad news to follow

Tornadoes blowing up. Source: CBS

Weather updates: What is being reported?

More than 30 tornadoes were reported in Nebraska and Kansas on Friday and Friday night time as a part of weather updates. They were consistent with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

Violent storms have produced the tornadoes. Also known as supercells.

The multi-day extreme climate outbreak first got underway Thursday across the parts of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana and wind gusts of 86 mile per hour have been recorded in Washington, Iowa.

Hail, the size of baseballs fell in Westville, Illinois. A tornado changed into stated in Sheridan, Illinois, about 50 miles southwest of downtown Chicago and there’s no sign of any accidents.

More effective thunderstorms exploded throughout the U.S. On Friday afternoon from western Texas through Nebraska and the most powerful of the storms focused on principal Nebraska, creating more huge tornadoes.

Later inside the evening, a tornado becomes mentioned close to Dodge City, Kansas, monitoring simply southeast of the metropolis.

Weather Updates 2019: Tornadoes hit Kansas, bad news to follow

A full-fledged tornado. Source: Youtube

What is the update for the future?

The harsh climate setup can be similar on Saturday but will shift a little farther east. Severe thunderstorms are possible in a large region Saturday into Saturday night. Iowa, a whole lot of Missouri and Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and northern and valuable Texas.

Major metro areas like Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Des Moines are at chance on Saturday.

Let’s wait and see what happens. These tornadoes bring a lot of damage when they occur. Let’s hope that the govt. is looking at this very closely and will do whatever they can to help the victims.


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