Westworld season 3 first trailer gives shocking insight

Westworld season 3 first trailer gives shocking insight

Westworld season 3 sneak peek moment has arrived!! Yes, the San Diego Comic-Con panel on Saturday witnessed the trailer release of the drama Westworld season 3. HBO’s one of the most loved show is back with its next iteration. So if you are planning a pre-show insight with the trailer, then you are bound to be surprised.

Westworld season 3: First trailer out!!

The trailer gives a deep-dive into the mysterious world of season 3. Unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, this Saturday, the first full trailer of Westworld Season 3 shocked the viewers. For it included in itself the new settings of World War II Third Reich Theme Park. So that definitely means a yes to Nazi robots!!!

The new season kick starts in the aftermath surrounding of android host rebellion. Escaping the Wild West theme park and diving into the real world is what this season is about. The newcomer of the show Aaron Paul stars the series as a construction worker.

The trailer portraits him working with a robot companion on the near-future Los Angeles site.

The robot co-worker cum companion who is dubbed as George is seen meeting the fugitive host Dolores. Paul defines Caleb to the San Diego Comic-Con audience as,

Westworld season 3 first trailer gives shocking insight

The Robot and worker scene
Source: TV Guide

Caleb was born into a complicated thing… He’s just trying to survive in the world and sometimes he has to do bad things.”

What all is new this time??

Westworld season 3 first trailer gives shocking insight

Source: IndieWest

The new full trailer also marks the return of Ed Harris’ Man in Black. He has previously been seen ensnared in the testing loop which acted as a prison cell for him. Maeve, the Thandie Newton’s host is also present in the World War II setting of the season.

The Westworld season 3 is coming with the aim of showing how the things we all are addicted to are deepening the rift of inequality. Sole concentration on wealth and income disparity are all ramifications of the evolution of technology.

Let’s just wait for the season to actually start and take our breaths away once again!!

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