Westworld Season 3 Teaser is Out

Westworld season 3 teaser out

With the end of Game of Thrones, the fans might lose their reasons to subscribe to HBO. HBO has made its plans to make the fans hold on to it. Soon after Got ends, HBO drops the teaser of Westworld Season 3. This time Aaron Paul is casted for Season 3. The reviews for the teaser say that it was hard to realize the truth as there was without the title at the end for Westworld.

Westworld Season 3 Teaser is Out

Westworld Season 3: A glimpse from the next Season

The teaser of Westworld Season 3 shows that he is out for some justice and has some emotional scenes too. In a scene, he is kissing the forehead of a lady. The end scene of the teaser shows that Aaron’s character found an injured woman in a tunnel. The woman is Dolores, and she is looking ripped.

Westworld Season 3 Teaser is Out

The teaser entirely has Aaron Paul in it. It shows he is living in the future with all the technological advancements and is running to fix something wrong. He might be on a mission to fix the future for better use of artificial intelligence. It is all a mystery, but what fans can expect is the same old sci-fi drama.

Scenes from the Teaser

The teaser of Westworld Season 3 has the futuristic touch in it. The driver-less motorcycle and an AI robot sitting next to Paul’s character give the futuristic feeling. There is also a clip of night- party with the golden dressed lady. The new cast, Lena Waithe, also got a scene in the teaser.

The trailer approaches to the end scene with Paul lying down with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes when the light falls on his face and says that he is going to get on with his life. The scene changes and the teaser ends, when Paul finds Evan Rachel Wood in a tunnel.

The new Season will air in 2020. HBO has not given a date, but in the meantime, fans are catching up with season 2. Westworld’s website will soon provide leaks and information about the release date and the story.

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