‘What If’ to re-imagine Marvel Zombies in Live action?


Marvel fans are still not over from all the news of San Diego Comic-Com 2019. With Marvel teasing ten plus movies and TV series, fans already speculate what Marvel Zombies would account for.

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All Exclusive Marvel Phase 4 Details from San Diego Comic-Con

MCU has now established itself. All the movies this year were a bang! With Marvel concluding this year of movies with Far From Home. All three movies released this year made above 1 Billion Dollars. The Unconquerable ‘Avengers: Endgame’ has already become the highest-grossing movie ever.

Well, Far From Home completed the Phase-3 of Marvel. Black Widow, which is scheduled for 2020 release will start MCU Phase-4. However, even after all the details, MCU fans are still not satisfied and want to squeeze water out of the sand.

What If …?

What If …? is a TV series which will be launched on Disney+ by Marvel. Moreover, it is based on possible alternate versions of the classic stories. Marvel didn’t reveal many details regarding the same. However, a twitter user named MarvelStuff did notice something in What If …? poster.

Upon zooming in on the poster, we find a Zombified Captain America in the background. Also, there can be more to the story as in Far From Home also we see Zombified Iron Man scene during one of the illusions from Mysterio. This can be a nod to Marvel Zombies which was a comic series. Marvel Zombies was a five issued mini-series. The story takes place on an alternate Earth named Earth-2149.

An infection starts spreading on Earth as an infected Sentry enters Earth’s atmosphere. The story continues, and mostly all Marvel Heroes are now zombies. However, instead of being mindless beasts, they retain their intellect and logic-based abilities. Still, they crave for flesh.

The series was very successful and also received positive reviews from fans. Further Marvel Comics also added spinoffs and crossovers with Zombies which also were a success.

Some of the Spinoffs are:

  • Evil Evolution.
  • Supreme
  • Destroy and
  • Marvel Zombies return.

Marvel Zombies Release Date

Also, Marvel announced in July that there would be another storyline based on Zombies which is scheduled for October release. The storyline will follow Zombies riding in the head of the legendary villain- Galactus. They are now finding a new Earth to feed upon. What happens next do check back in October.

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