What is Mutated Coronavirus? Is the New COVID-19 Deadlier?

What is Mutated Coronavirus Is the New COVID-19 Deadlier

Coronavirus is getting mutated and it has become one of the biggest problems for the Scientists working for a cure or vaccine. The COVID-19 outbreak has already overtaken the world and the mutated virus can even cause more destruction. The mutated coronavirus is an evolved form of the virus which adapts with time and can become more lethal and contagious.

The sample analysis taken from COVID-19 infected people last year suggests that there are almost 200 recurrent genetic mutations of the new coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2, as it is evolving while spreading in people. All the viruses have a natural ability to mutate, while it is not a bad thing in itself, there are chances that the new COVID-19 is deadlier.

Coronavirus Mutation is Spreading Faster across the World

Coronavirus Mutation is Spreading Faster across the World

As per the recent tally, more than 3.68 million people are already infected with the novel coronavirus and around 256,000 have died due to the virus. The COVID-19 infection has reached in more than 210 countries and it is slowly spreading over the entire world. There are 198 small genetic changes or mutations that have been identified until now, and it could further increase with time.

It is nothing the world has seen before, which is why experts are saying that the coronavirus mutation is very dangerous. The new mutated coronavirus has a stronger reach and is spreading infection faster, which could cause troubles in the vaccine development.

Vaccines won’t work against the New COVID-19

Vaccines won't work against the New COVID-19 

The biggest challenge in developing a vaccine is the mutated coronavirus, which might make the drug ineffective. The new virus can adapt to the older vaccine which will make it useless and won’t stop the COVID-19 infection. It is why the researchers are focusing on the viruses which are less likely to mutate, as they will have a better chance of vaccine development in the long run. It simply means that the vaccines won’t work against the COVID-19 mutation and there has to be a workaround.

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