Whatsapp fights fake news with revolutionary step

Whatsapp fake news

Whatsapp, a messaging service that is owned by facebook, is continuously making efforts to fight against the fake news. Recently, it has planned to launch a new feature called “Reverse image search” to track the authenticity of images on Google.

The Reverse Image search feature

In the beta channel of Whatsapp, it is planning to develop a new feature of Reverse Image search through Google. With the help of this feature, the users can check if the image is real or fake. The search is supported by Google.

How to use the Reverse Image search.

When the users gets an Image on chat, he can directly upload it to Google. After he has done with uploading, Whatsapp launches an in-app brower (another feature that the Whatsapp is working on) which shows the search results. This search tells if the uploaded image has appeared on the internet before or not. WaBETAInfo spotted this feature.

Availability of Reverse Image search.

The Availability of Reverse Image search on Whatsapp is not yet confirmed. It is not clear that the feature will be available for all the users. A battle to stop the spread of false information on social media is yet to be achieved.

Other steps that Whatsaap took towards prevention of fake news.

Earlier, to stop people from spreading fake news and rumors on Whatsaap, the service had taken many steps. It had labelled “Forwarded” on the shared message for clarity. Moreover, it has limited the message to be forwarded upto 5 groups or chats at a time. This was all due to the warning that the central government gave to Whatsapp in 2018 , to prevent fake news being spread by the users. Hence, $50000 were offered to researchers as funds to find out technological solution to the problem. In addition, the quick access to forward button was also removed from Whatsapp.

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