WhatsApp next big recruit is from London: Everything you need to know!

Alice Newton Rex new recruit for Whatsapp

Facebook incorporated WhatsApp has now recruited a senior executive hailing from London located money transaction startup WorldRemit. The news is confirmed by the three higher officials concerning the matter in this week.

Alice Newton Rex new recruit for Whatsapp


WorldRemit is a good acquisition for WhatsApp:

The CEO of the organization, Alice Newton Rex, is expected to be joining WhatsApp’s product team by the end of this year. He will be working to improve the app’s message service, was confirmed by people of the organization.

The recruit was not interested in responding to any comments. WhatsApp is the world’s most popularly used messaging tools, with the number of users reaching around 1 billion coming from over 180 countries. It is also trying to expand its team in Europe as well as other continents.

The startup is a European startup, WorldRemit was laid stones back in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, an Entrepreneur who hails from Somaliland. He started the organization to provide consumers with a cheaper and easier way to establish a gateway for making money transfers online. The company has around 4 million consumers and offers services in almost 150 countries. It has raised funds rounding up to $375 million.

Ahmed handled the company as CEO up until October, when he was replaced by a former executive of Paddy Power, named Breon Corcoran.

WhatsApp's next big recruit is from London

Evolve of cross-platform payments:

WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook last week unleashed its plans for releasing its digital currency called Libra. A project which is a part of its efforts to extend its strongholds from social media to e-commerce payments. WhatsApp is also trying to expand for sending payments on its platforms in India.

Newton Rex will not actually be working on payments or Libra one of its officials confirmed. Newton Rex has been working at WorldRemit for the past five years, where she has held various positions in design and product, as per her LinkedIn profile. She has previously been head of the product team for GOV.UK, an online portal for the British government services.

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