Father’s Day 2019: When is it Celebrated?

Father's Day 2019: When is it Celebrated?

The world has been busy celebrating mother’s day falling last Sunday. But the dads have to wait a little longer for celebration to their names. This year will mark Father’s Day on June 16, while in 2020, it will be celebrated on June 21. Furthermore, in 2021, it will lie on June 20. Both the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day fall on Sundays every year. The Mother’s Day is always on the second Sunday in May meanwhile Father’s Day is on the second Sunday in June.

Father’s Day: The origins of the day

Father's Day 2019: When is it Celebrated?

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Mother’s Day was already honoured a national holiday long before Father’s Day. Eventually in 1914, president Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday, he said its purpose was to honor “that gentle, tender army, the American mothers”.

The demand for an American Father’s Day was first introduced by Anna Jarvis, following the successful celebration of Mother’s day.

West Virginia saw it’s first Father’s day on 5 July, 1908  by Grace Clayton, who accidently lost her father during mining. A year later, Sonora Dodd demanded an equivalent to Mother’s Day. She wanted to honor her father, for raising her along with five other siblings alone as single parent.

After a series of failed attempts, then President Lyndon Johnson officially accepted the proposal to celebrate the day in 1966. Six years later, Richard Nixon signed it as a national holiday.

Different Countries with Different Dates

Father's Day 2019: When is it Celebrated?

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Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father’s day on the first Sunday in September. Meanwhile, in Thailand, the official day is 5th December-to celebrate birthday of late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Brazilians honor their father figures on the second Sunday of August. Different cultures mark the day in different ways, while the spirit to honor the men of our lives remain the same. On this Father’s Day, show some extra  appreciation and love to your dad.

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