When will Tenet Release in Theaters? COVID-19 Delay for Christopher Nolan’s Time Inversion Thriller

When will Tenet Release in Theaters COVID-19 Delay for Christopher Nolan's Time Inversion Thriller

Tenet movie’s second trailer just released and it had all sorts of mysteries despite revealing so much, but the biggest shock came at the end when it said “coming soon in theaters” and fans of the Christopher Nolan movie are on a frenzy. While the original Tenet release date is set as July 17, 2020, it might not be possible now given the way COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world. Most of the Hollywood movies such as Fast and Furious 9 and Black Widow have already been postponed.

Tenet and Mulan are the only movies set to release this Summer whose release date has not been budged till now. Although, theaters, malls and multiplex are yet prohibited due to safety concerns over the coronavirus outbreak. It has led to many movies getting released straight to streaming platforms, such as Artemis Fowl on Disney plus, but Nolan won’t delay his masterpiece Tenet and it will release on the big screens only.

Tenet will only Release in Theaters, not Netflix or HBO Max

Tenet will only Release in Theaters, not Netflix or HBO Max

Tenet trailer shows that the movie is not about time travel, but it is rather time inversion or reversing the time after the main hero is able to see in the future. Warner Bros has spent over $250 million as Tenet budget and there is no way the Christopher Nolan thriller gets released straight to OTT.

Tenet won’t come out on any of the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or even HBO Max, which comes under Warner Bros themselves. Nolan makes movies for IMAX screens and Tenet is meant to be watch with proper Dolby sounds on a bigger screen.

Tenet Release Date and Coronavirus Delay

Tenet Release Date and Coronavirus Delay

Tenet release date is yet not shifted as Christopher Nolan is waiting for the last moment before he postpones his blockbuster. It is still around two months left for Tenet premiere and things can change within that time. Most of the countries have already given relaxations in COVID-19 lockdown and people are asked to follow social distancing strictly.

Everyone is trying to save their economy as hunger and poverty can kill more people than the coronavirus. It might be possible that theaters are opened soon with the audience leaving one seat in between and other safety measures. Tenet could be the only movie playing on all the screens, which can balance out the audience numbers. Although, there are not many chances of that happening and Tenet could be delayed for a few months until the outbreak is contained.

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