Which Apple iPhone Charger can charge faster?

Which Apple iPhone Charger can charge faster?

Apple released iPhones from 2017 to 2018 are supported by USB-C type fast charging, however, it still gives the original 5W Apple iPhone charger in its box.

Which Apple iPhone Charger can charge faster?


Apple iPhone Charger: 18-watt USB-C availability

Last month, Apple released the new iPad pro and for the first time ditching the lightning port for USB-C. Along with that the 18-watt USB-C power adapter that charges faster than previously 12 watts.

Now, what is special about the Apple iPhone charger is that it packs the exact amount of wattage to reach full potential. In addition, it allows fast charging in iPhone 8 and newer iPhone like X, XS and XR.

However, the problem is, it wasn’t available for purchase separately until 5th of December. Most importantly, we need to buy at least 29-watt power adapter in a USB-C lightning cable to get fast charging. This 29-watt power adapter will cost around $68, and in the extra power that you paid for, you will get nothing.

Meanwhile, the 18-watt Apple iPhone charger for sale separately for $29 will get you fast charging a bit cheaper. Apple informed its MFI licensing program to manufacture and start selling with 18-watt adapter and 15 watts in standard power.

Which Apple iPhone Charger can charge faster?


Why pay more?

The third party cables from Anker can be significantly cheaper than Apple’s $19 options. The Anker’s USB-C to the lightning cable at $15.99 and power adapter at $17.99, which altogether cost you $32.98.

The only question is why Apple is allowing third-party cables into the market? The only logical reason is they want to saturate the market with USB-C. Above all, Apple would be planning to get something new to the market with newer iPhones. However, recently Apple started selling USB-C headphone jack after the iPad pro release. So, if they want they can easily do the same.

The USB-C Apple iPhone charger will also help other things to charge including the iPad pro. So, getting a multi-functional charger with a lesser amount can be better. To sum up, the future iPhones will come up with 18-watt USB-C charger in the box as expected.

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