Will Netflix adaptations of Marvel ever be back? Reply by Kevin Feige

Will Netflix adaptations of Marvel ever be back? Reply by Kevin Feige

‘Heroes for Hire’ will be back! well, that’s what most Marvel fans anticipated when they were cancelled on Netflix. Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, DareDevil and Iron Fist all of them were cancelled by Netflix some time back.

Will Netflix adaptations of Marvel ever be back? Reply by Kevin Feige

‘Iron Fist’ was cancelled because of fan reactions. Season 1 was totally disappointing to most of the fans. The story of a Billionaire playboy returning after some years (thought to be dead) and taking over the company whilst playing a Kung-FU vigilante at night. Yeah, it seems exactly like the DC’s Arrow season 1 which was loved by fans. Slow screenplay and bad action sequences lead to its dismissal.

Marvel’s current head Kevin had recently said that,

“There were a lot of great characters that were on those Netflix series, and I think there is a period of time”

The Marvel’s President Kevin also added,

“It will be a while before we can use them, Also even answering a question like that is a spoiler, there are some great Marvel characters there”

While fans anticipate this character could be Daredevil. DareDevil is also a hand-to-hand combatant who lost his eyesight when he was a kid. Relying on his heightened senses he fights crime in the Hells Kitchen. With some references of Daredevil by Tom Holland himself, it is pretty clear he will be introduced first.

Moreover, all three seasons of DareDevil are fantabulous. They creep in your mind and make you bite your nails and have a cliffhanger every episode.


Also, with Deadpool soon to be introduced in the MCU, DareDevil seems an obvious choice. As the team of Deadpool, DareDevil and Spidey are seen frequently in the comics and all three are fan favourite.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

Luke Cage was pretty average. With a moderate storyline and good action scene, it is a one time watch but was used as a built up for ‘The Defenders’. Jessica Jones was the last show to be cancelled, with season 3 airing on Netflix last week itself.

Disney +

Marvel is focusing on its ever-expanding MCU. Thus Disney+, a new streaming service to be launched at December starting will hold new TV series which are an extension to MCU main storyline. For example Agents of Shield. Series like Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) taking over the TV series part of MCU.

So, Marvel has not forgotten about our lovely Matt Murdock and hopefully will revive him somehow.

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