WIMI Hologram AR Cloud Display Stunning Effects and High AI Algorithm Simulation

WIMI Hologram AR Cloud
Credits: iD FOR YOU

WIMI Hologram AR Cloud has introduced a new AI algorithm simulation and people are going crazy over it. The AR allows the users to experience the real world with new features enhanced by CGI. The Augmented reality (AR) changes visual, haptic, olfactory and other sensors.

Features of the WIMI Hologram AR Cloud

AR is the true gift given by the new technology. You can now witness a whole new visual experience with the help of WIMI Hologram AR Cloud. The holographic projection technology allows the user to explore a whole new world and travel anywhere in the different virtual scenes.

One can also experience a new magical stage drama of Chinese folk culture in the AR. The holographic technology uses diffraction principles and interference to create real three-dimensional images. Moreover, it helps to enhance reality and gradually increases the experience.

Usually, the holographic technology records the light field and not the image. Also, it allows the user to see a 3D image of an object that doesn’t exist in the real world. Moreover, they can also interact with them freely.

The growth of holographic technology in the world

The sale of holographic technology has spread throughout the world. It has made a vivid impression on the US market. In the Psy Concert of South Korea, more than 30,000 were present in the first week. Also, the revenue for tickets crossed 6 million yuan in Seoul.

It seems like the American holographic technology has grown a huge business empire in Japan, South Korea, Europe, India as well as the Middle East.

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