Witcher 3 rumoured release for Nintendo Switch at E3 2019

Witcher 3 to be in rumor for Nintendo Switch for E3

The E3 2019 is going to build many fans rumours into reality. As the Expo’s date is coming closer, a myriad amount of games are making their way into the market. However, another surprise for the fans is the “Witcher 3” and that too into the Nintendo Switch.

But, as the fans have much knowledge about the Switch for its best design but it doesn’t allow in respect to firepower.

Witcher 3 to be in rumor for Nintendo Switch for E3

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Witcher 3 to be sold as a Cloud Version

According to a report, the message read,

“the Witcher 3 will arrive in a few months and it’s playable”.

However, the possibility to get the game is true in Nintendo Switch but what all will it compromise. In addition, the game is expected to add all the DLC packages on the release day. The base game which was earlier launched in 2015 was awarded the “Game of the Year”.

Now rather it may be a rumour or a real game, it is also including the streaming feature but the advantage can only be enjoyed if the locations favour. Now, popular games like Resident Evil 7 or Assassins Creed are having the streaming version. The games are pretty popular in Japan while the Western Hemisphere doesn’t have access to them.

Along with this cloud streaming problem, Witcher 3 is also going to be released as a cloud version. The rumour is all over the internet, while a question arises, why should the cloud version be sold at retail? Thus, during the last releases, there is no physical release for any of the cloud version, especially for Switch. However, now the whole theory is all a set of revolution of doubts.

Witcher 3 to be in rumor for Nintendo Switch for E3

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No surprise date for fans at E3 2019

Other reports have also claimed, that the Witcher 3 is to get a prior update for the Pro version of Nintendo. While, the Nintendo franchise is all set and clear for the E3, to be solely based on software announcements.

However, the E3 2019 is a few days away, initiating on June 11. And the Witcher 3 is set in a boundary with no proper panel at the E3 2019. We all are wishing to get the game of the year for a new surprise.

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