Wolfenstein Youngblood has completely changed this gameplay problem


A gameplay problem that was criticized by a lot of gamers in Wolfenstein that is when you pick up ammunition. You had to move over towards the ammo and press a button prompt.

This is very problematic when you’re playing and it gets tedious to press different buttons to pick up required gear. Especially when you’re on a level that is harder than usual. Thus came Wolfenstein Youngblood, with a completely changed gameplay.

Wolfenstein Youngblood Gameplay

The good thing is that the company has heard the gamers this time around. For the new Wolfenstein game, all you have to do is walk up towards the ammo and it will get picked up automatically. This game is a stand-alone and the timeline takes place after one of the trilogy.

Axel Torvenius, the art director on the game has confirmed the gameplay changes. He doesn’t speak about if the users will have an option to use prompts to pickup armours and ammo.  He has just confirmed that whenever you walk over any sort of armour and ammo, you will automatically pick it up.

The Gameplay has completely changed in the new Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The Twins. Source: Bethesda

More about the game

Wolfenstein Youngblood is supposed to release on the 26th of July. It is going to come on the PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo switch.

A sneak peek into the game

Wolfenstein Youngblood is a one of a kind modern co-op adventure, a first for the Wolfenstein series. Wolfenstein II is the game that gives this its storyline and its set 19 years after the end of Wolfenstein II.

BJ Blazckowicz is AWOL in Paris which is Nazi-occupied after a mission that is assigned to him. His twin daughters who have received ample training for their father are now in action.

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