World of Warcraft Rise Of Azshara update: Everything you need to know

World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment is back with a new update in World of Warcraft, this update is huge and will keep the gamers engaged until next update. This multiplayer online action game just got better with the new update.

World of Warcraft came approximately 15 years back, but its continuous expansion kept gamers engaged.

Rise Of Azshara update for WoW!

Updates and New Features

These are a few updates and features enlisted. You can try them out by playing the game on steam by the name “World of Warcraft”.

  • The new update is “Rise of Azshara”.
  • It adds two new play zones.
  • One play zone is water based named “Nazjatar”.
  • Nazjatar is the city of Azshara and Naga.
  • Soulbound currency is introduced.
  • Prismatic Manapearls is the name of the currency.
  • Gnomes and Taurens can now move on some special extra quests to earn their own Heritage armour.

  • Another play zone added is named “Mechagon”.
  • This play zone is Junk Yard based.
  • This will end up with a battle with the city’s mad king.
  • Mount equipment is newly added and updated.
  • You can now customize your own mounts.

  • There are also new essences and items which makes your character more buff and unlock further abilities.
  • These things can be equipped by a player in the Azeroth’s Heart (Necklace).
  • Players can new experience flying in all zones.
  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace is a new raid added to the gameplay.

Rise Of Azshara update for WoW!

However, there is another update coming this August. This is the classic release date of World of Warcraft. In this gameplay, gamers will most likely be able to play the game as it was before all updates and upgrades.

However, you would not be needed to buy a new subscription for this classic version. The same subscription would technically work for both. Gamers can now enjoy both of these versions.

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