World of Warcraft Weekly Event, Extra Honor Gains


World of Warcraft has been an addictive game especially because of a lot of limited-time events from Blizzard. Last week, players who want to gather more Honor gains can have it by winning PvP arena fights.

Joining World of Warcraft Weekly Bonus Events

The theme for the event is Arena Skirmishes and it is relatively easy to find the weekly bonus events in World of Warcraft. Players have to start by opening the Group Finder, which can be done by pressing the letter “i” on the keyboard if they are using the default hotkey settings. From there, click on the “Player vs. Player” option, and then choose “Casual,” then click on “Arena Skirmish.” Start a match by clicking the “Join Battle” button. The event can also be brought up anywhere in Azeroth.

World of Warcraft players will be in a team with random teammates and fight against random opponents for the Arena Skirmish. If players want to enter a match between their chosen or created group, they can use the “Premade” tab. A passive buff will be activated during Skirmishes this week that rewards players with an extra 50% Honor gains.

Honor gains are different from XP gains in World of Warcraft. XP gains are practically the basis of a character’s general leveling status, meanwhile, Honor gains unlock special abilities

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