Wu Assassins Review: Perfect Iron Fist Alternative?

Mark Dacascos in Wu Assassin! Source: Wired

For those who love Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies, Netflix has created a new binge-worthy series called Wu Assassins. The Netflix series revolves around the jaw-dropping action scenes from Iko Uwais. Moreover, this series will remind you of the Iron Fist series in many ways!

The new Netflix series is a blend of superhero stuff, mythology and lots of martial arts! So you definitely don’t want to miss this series, now do you?

Moreover, it is filled with action sequences, that will make you feel like the characters are fighting more than they are talking to one another.

Similarities between Iron Fist and Wu Assassins

It’s not even a week and viewers have already started comparing the new Wu Assassins series with Iron Fist. However, they are somewhat right. After watching the Wu Assassins series you will notice both the shows are based on action sequences. Plus, both of them try to fight the villains with their superpowers.

Wu Assassins – Series Premiere Discussion from television

Apart from that, these two series are set in the coastal region of America. Besides, both the shows contain the same actor, Lewis Tan. But in the new series, he looks charming as ever. One more good thing about Wu Assassins is that the characters can actually fight!

Wu Assassins Plot: What is it about?

Hell on Wheels creator John Wirth and The Big Bang creator Tony Krantz serve as the producers of the Netflix’s Wu Assassins. The story follows around Kai Jin who goes on a mystical mission and becomes a Wu Assassin to end the evil spirits who form an alliance with bad guys.

Kai gains numerous abilities and becomes faster and stronger after being the Wu Assassin. Besides, the show also features a long-dead monk played by Mark Dacascos. Iko Uwais plays Kai Jin. Besides, Netflix has already added the first three episodes on August 8, 2019.

Why Kai Jin is far better than the Iron Fist?

Iko Uwais as Kai Jin in Wu Assassins.
Source: Variety

Iko Uwais is an Indonesian actor as well as a martial artist who performed all the brutal fight scenes on his own. He portrays the character of Kai Jin who is a skilful fighter.

Plus, his elbows and fists moment is so fast that even camera struggles to catch up with his speed. In the series, Kai Jin always disappears in the spirit world.

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