XBOX Scarlett: Launch, Rumours and More


Microsoft is all set to expand its profile and launch next gaming consoles. Rumor has it that the next generation of gaming console by Microsoft will be in markets anytime soon. Though nothing is confirmed but it is expected to release by 2020. The name of the next X-box makes it all the more exciting, it is being coded as, X-box Scarlett.

The next Microsoft console, whatever it may be named, will be launched before Scarlett and will be an inexpensive one. It will be disc-less and will be programmed in a way that it will transform your physical games into digital equivalents. It will be a bridge between the present and the next gaming consoles.

Project Scarlett:

The name Scarlett is only a code-name for Microsoft’s next console and it will potentially be renamed once it is set to launch. According to Windows Central sources, the next generation consoles will be successor to both the Xbox -One S and One X. While the S successor is code-named as Lockhart, the X successor has been code-named as Anaconda. And its most likely that Lockhart will be the most anticipated and talked about Project Scarlett. Both consoles will support all current Xbox games.

Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer spoke about future of the Xbox during Xbox press conference at E3 2018. He officially confirmed that the company is working on not one but more than one console, which raised a lot of speculations. “Our hardware team is deep into developing the next generation of Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming,” said Spencer at the conference.

Expected Release Date:

Thanks to all the media scrutiny and spying, we have a vague idea about the likely time when the next game consoles will be launched. Microsoft is probably launching it in 2020. And it will probably be a multiple device launch by Microsoft.

Market is also ripe with news that PS5 will also be launched at parallel time window, meaning two major consoles launches (much like with Xbox One and PS4).

Estimated Price:

Microsoft has not yet disclosed any official details about the price brackets for Xbox Scarlett. But it is likely that it would look for a competitive pricing and would not repeat the same mistakes it did when it launched xbox one that lagged its sale. It will most likely be something in between $399 to $499 or may be even lesser.

Project Xbox Scarlett Cloud: Beyond the Xbox

Nothing can be said with certainty but going by Thurrot reports, MS is working on something code-named as Project Scarlett Cloud. It is allegedly a game streaming box or may be a subscription service. It will be much cheaper than regular gaming consoles and utilize cloud technology to provide for higher quality of gaming experience. It will also aim to eliminate the technological problems coming from the box itself.

More details on the same will be revealed during the Game Developers Conference, March 21 .

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