Xiaomi Mi 9T Review: Pros and Cons

Xiaomi Mi 9T Review: Pros and Cons

In a world surrounded by technology, headline-grabbing hardware, cutting-edge always starts the life with expensive features, premiums, only to get easier to afford later for the masses. In many organizations, this type of exclusiveness can last years, but today in the fast-moving world & cut-throat competition it is often a year or less.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Review: Pros and Cons

One more for the common man:

That is what has taken place with in-display fingerprint reader & popup selfie camera. Features that seemed to be impossibly futuristic and jaw-droppers just last year. Now they are not only part of Android flagships such as OnePlus 7 Pro or Oppo Reno 10X but also $250 devices like Realme X.

Xiaomi’s newcomer, the Xiaomi Mi 9T, which begins at $300, of course, keeps pace and provides an all screen design with the likes of the pop-up camera and in display scanner also. But it also brings hardware which was considered a premium feature last year: The triple-camera system.

This makes the Xiaomi Mi 9T one of the best value releases of all mid-tier releases. Surely the Realme X is cheaper but it only comes with two main cameras. The Google pixel 3A has a superior main camera but lacks because of chunky design and no wide angle camera.


Xiaomi the life-saver:

The Xiaomi MI-9T is a good value for money since it gives you all the features which were regarded as cutting-edge tech just 8 to 12 months before.

There’s one more hardware that separates the Xiaomi MI 9T from rest of all: MI 9T runs on Snapdragon 730, the newest of Qualcomm’s premium line of chips.

The difference between 730 and 710 are very less but it is better suited for computational tasks.

Day to day performance is smooth, with 4000 mAh battery lasting a full day. Charging is done via USB-C which is good news.

The screen has a resolution of 1080p, which is good enough for indoors. But the outdoor visibility under sunlight is far better than other contemporary phones. There is only a single speaker & it’s weak but for compensation, a headphone jack is given.


  1. Superb video camera; decent still camera
  2. MIUI 10: quirky but fine


  1. Spoiled by constant innovation

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