Xiaomi Reveals Information about Under Screen Camera Technology

Source: Verge

Recently, Xiaomi confirms the announcement of under screen front camera. It also assists to get rid of latest notches, pop-up-slider and hole punches. Presently, the user can find feature specializing in low-reflective glass that doubles up a camera lens on the top screen. Therefore, Xiaomi Senior VP Wang Xiang already gave detailed information about working of this technology.

Xiaomi shows off its under-display camera technology too. from Android

According to Xiaomi Senior, Under Display Camera Technology can be one of the best solutions for a full-screen display synchronized with a front camera. Moreover, Xiang tweets about the ultimate working of multiple slides running under-display camera option. He also explains about the proper functioning of this technology.

Xiaomi is also functioning on a custom display options that features a small transparent area. It is also made up of low-reflective glass that too with high transmittance. Are you excited to know? How does it function? Amazingly, on the activation of the front camera, there is a display area over the camera lens relevant to terms of transparency. It also assists in permitting light to enter.


Source: Verge

Furthermore, it is also the ultimate solution for full-screen display coexisting with the front camera. Probably, transparent display functions like one permitting content to be displayed in full. Xiang in his surrounded camera accepts more light into lens resulting in crisper selfies. The Oppo also confirms about functioning on similar technology to allow top-notch smartphones.

Top Highlights for This Under-Display Camera Technology

How Xiaomi’s under-display camera technology works! from Xiaomi

  • Developed a custom display to integrate camera.
  • Small Transparent area encompasses special low-reflectance glass.
  • Permits more light to enter resulting in enhanced selfies.

George Zhao- Honor President confirms in an interview with CNMO that firm is functioning on an under-display camera. Good news for all mobile users! Xiaomi is going to announce soon first under-display selfie camera this month. Fans don’t have to wait for a much longer time. Finally, Xiaomi has not yet confirmed that it will hit the market in coming time.

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