Yakuza new title revealed the Sega: Kasuga Ichiban!

Yakuza title reveal!

Sega has already finished up with Kiryu Kazma’s legendary legacy. Still, Sega is not finished with Yakuza. Sega revealed nearly two years ago that Yakuza would be continuing with a new protagonist named Kasuga Ichiban which in new in the instalment compared to the legendary Kiryu.

Yakuza Online just introduced a new element Kasuga Ichiban. This new game will be the first chance Ichiban has to stand-out as a proper protagonist, which should be able to make the next Yakuza game interesting.

Yakuza Title reveal!


However, there is no news about it since then. Sega has kept quiet on the Yakuza for approximately two years.

We are hoping to get more information about an ‘Unknown Supporting Role’ on the same day.

The publisher also announced an audition for supporting actresses from age 20. It is clear that the role to be offered is of Kasuga’s love interest. And up to try out for the role of Kasuga’s partner. The actress if chosen will be in the game. And will obviously, participate in the promotional activities as the role is main. And will receive approximately one million yen.

Yakuza will be the first game in the franchise to not to star badass and the lead protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, and will instead be led by oddly-haired and a new character “Ichiban”.

The studio has announced that they will reveal more details regarding next part of the Yakuza series on or near to July 10th.

Yakuza Title reveal

Despite the new title of Yakuza, we are in no doubt that gameplay will definitely do involve roaming around the city. You will get into arguments in bars. And definitely, head-smash vehicles over others.

Still, Yakuza(working title) will be available on PS4. It will also be available on Xbox One.

Western release?

News about a Western release or dubbed version is probably still a very far. We will try to keep you posted for the Yakuza title and further announcements.

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