Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid not getting blessings from Yolanda Hadid


Earlier this year, a source claimed that Yolanda Hadid was not excited on knowing that her daughter, Gigi Hadid is dating Zayn Malik. Other sources investigated the claim and find some shocking news.

Is Yolanda Hadid becoming a barrier in their relationship?

A tabloid claimed that Yolanda Hadid wasn’t excited  about the fact that Gigi and Zayn are back together. The channel ran the headline, “Yaya to Gigi: Watch Out For Zayn” while the accompanying article impersonated that the reality star is afraid of her daughter’s  relationship with Zayn.

An unnamed source told to the tabloid,

Yolanda has fears about where this is all headed.

A proud Grandma- To- be

Whomever the source was the tabloid trusted was not reliable at all. Yolanda feels totally different about her daughter’s relationship with Zayn. After knowing that the couple is expecting their first baby, she confirmed the news and also supported her daughter, saying

Of course we are excited to become Oma in September especially after I lost my mom so recently. But this is the beauty of life; one soul leaves us and a new one comes in. we feel very blessed.

Truth about Zayn and Gigi’s relationship

This is not the first time the sources claimed wrong about the pair. A few years, a source claimed that zany was cheating Gigi for Kendall Jenner. The source claimed that Kendall is secretly texting Zayn. But it didn’t make any sense, it the two were texting secretly, how would anyone know about it.

However, Gigi had always trusted him, the two were seen together frequently at various occasions.

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