Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16: Kid Flash and Dorado rumoured to be a couple?

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16 Review

At a time when we are still busy taking bliss of the summer, the crew of the Young Justice: Outsiders has already bid it adieu in this week’s final episode. They all gathered around the table and thanked the Gods.

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16 Recap

The mission impossible led by the Avengers of the Gamma Squad Brian, Tara, Brion, and Forager was a failure. It did not obviously go as planned by the team. The existence of the Suicide Squad is not a priority as of now.

Thanksgiving celebrations have taken over. However, the celebrations of the evening, dressing, turkey, and cranberry sauce could not help Violet forget the trauma of Markov’s murder.

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16 Review

Celebrations amid pain

The gang gather around the table of Artemis and Conner to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, the pain in their hearts and their emotional journeys took a toll on their plans on celebrating the evening together.

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16 Review

In the final episode this week, Forager was seen persuading Vic to join the group for the dinner. But Vic did not seem to be leaving his pain and loneliness behind. Vic asks Forager go back and get warm inside. Just when Forager was thinking about his behaviour at the dinner, Vic shows up unexpectedly.

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 16 Review

On the other side, things are getting even worse in Star City. The Crocks and Harpers are seen having fun. The situation turns sour right when the news of Artemis return to the team slips out. Her mother gets upset for she does not want her daughter to have faith like her own.

She is also upset because Artemis has started developing a feeling for Will.
There is one more celebration going on. The gang is planning to host an exciting festival.

That is it for this episode fans. Stay with us for more updates.

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