Young Justice Season 4 renewed by DC at Comic-Con

Young Justice Season 4 renewed at San Diego Comic-Con

Even without DC movies attending the San Diego Comic-Con, DC Universe had an amazing event this year. The CW TV series trailers were beyond amazing.

Young Justice Season 4 details

DC Universe panel included Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman who are the creators of Young Justice animated series. The panel also included an exclusive episode of Young Justice: Outsiders. Just after the preview, the creators announced the renewal of the animated series Young Justice Season 4.

Young Justice Season 3 Overview

Young Justice Season 3 had an amazing storyline. Nightwing a.k.a Dick Grayson, the former sidekick of Batman, forms a team. The team is formed to investigate trafficking ring in the country of Markovia. Many meta-human teenagers get kidnapped and thus, Nightwing investigates there.

The team includes Black Lightning, Superboy and Artemis. Amidst the events, parallelly there is an attempt to capture the throne of Markovia. Baron DeLamb’s was the man behind it his plot was uncovered. However, Prince of Markovia: Brion also comes with the team as his newfound powers became public. The team then begins to expand as another alien member joins the team: Forager.

Fast-forwarding to the major events, Darkseid and The Immortal Vandal Savage are working together. Moreover, Many of the JL members quit the team, as the UN (Lex Luthor) doesn’t allow the leagues involvement in war-torn nations.

Season 3 Spoiler!

*However, later it is revealed that it is all part of the plan and JL follows the strategy of divide and conquer.

Halo was another meta-human to join the team with Prince Brion. Her powers remain a mystery throughout the series as she shifts her powers on the basis of the colour of her aura. The mystery of Princess Tara of Markovia remains intact as she texts “I’m in” to Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke.

18 Episodes have been premiered till now. 8 Episode still remains. Other characters storyline also run parallelly. Characters like Geo-Force, Livewire, Harper Row and Terra are an active part of the show. Also, Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborgs origin story is also explained in episode: Another Freak.

Hopefully, Darkseid and Savage are going nowhere. They will continue to be the big baddies for upcoming episodes and series.

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