Your Dell PC might be at risk: Check out the Solution

Your Dell PC might be at risk

Most of the computers running on Windows and probably other computers manufactured by other brands may be vulnerable to risk. Some internal flaws in the system that could lead to hackers breaching into their system. Claims the reports from Sunnyvale, California located SafeBreach. In the case of Dell-PC’s the software is called SupportAssist. And there have been issues with the support.

Your Dell PC might be at risk: Check out the Solution

PC-Doctor has risks:

In the case of Dell-PC’s the software is called SupportAssist. Its’ made by PC-doctor a hardware-diagnostics software which licenses it to other electronic-device makers.

The SafeBreach authorities said PC-Doctor to give the list of other clients. But PC-Doctor website clearly states that almost all of the PC manufacturers have installed over millions of copies of PC-Doctor for Windows.

Dell and PC-Doctor have pushed an update that fixes this issue. You can easily install following the instructions from Dell’s support page. But you do need to wait for information regarding devices manufactured by other brands.

The SupportAssist function is risky. It doesn’t securely handle the resources termed as DLL’s. To avoid duplication, most OS’s store pieces of code in common folders termed as Direct link libraries in Windows.

Your Dell PC might be at risk: Check out the Solution


Dell mitigating the risks:

Programs load DLL’s when systems startup. So hackers can set traps by breaching existing DLL’s & replacing with malicious DLL’s. Most of the programs have tricks to prevent ‘DLL injection’ but this is not the case with Dell SupportAssist.

Since SupportAssist runs along with System. It has deep roots in the operating system and hijacking its functions can do a considerable amount of damage. It can let the hacker do anything since it’s service is recognized as safe by Microsoft.

Unfortunately, the software creates vulnerability. Since it searches for DLL’s that weren’t present on the Dell machines the SafeBreach used such as atiadlxy.dll and LenovoInfo.dll.

Millions of dell pcs vulnerable to attack, due to a flaw in… from security

The last one is creating doubts as Dell machines shouldn’t contain a file named “LenovoInfo.dll”. This may be a clue to the identity of one of PC-Doctor’s other clients.

SafeBreach informed Dell’s SupportAssist. They also made sure the PC-Doctor, could reduce this problem by allowing only DLL’s that were “signed” by authorized software developers. And also by limiting searches for DLL’s to only those folders where specific DLL’s are supposed to be. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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