YouTube likely to upgrade its policies for Online Harassment

YouTube likely to upgrade its policies for online harassment

The use of YouTube is vastly in access all over the world. Through, its excessive use of the terms and policies are also violated from time to time. YouTube will try to reconsider some of the policies and update with prior consideration. YouTube is in consideration to update its Online Harassment Policy soon.

However, the video platform is doing such an upgrade from the public pressure as there is a clash between two YouTubers. Carlos Maza who regularly hosts the VOX channel while the other is Stephen Crowder, a media personality. With respect to this violation, they made a Blue-Ribbon commission for the sake that the public would stop making a fuss about the online harassment.

YouTube likely to upgrade its policies for online harassment


Online harassment on YouTube – cause and consequences

And now the company plans to upgrade its policies while making a regular talk with journalist and other peoples. In order to know the reasons for harassment and what futile changes should be done with the policies. This process will take time as the company promised to talk to various personalities who previously had have experienced online harassment.

The news came public when Carlos tweeted a thread as to how Stephen Crowder made him a target of harassment. Crowder made fun of Carlos by calling him a gay Latino from VOX and by another name as a lispy sprite. While Maza reported on YouTube; as to how the company is irresponsible about its policy. And making derogatory comments on Stephen Maza’s sexual orientation and ethnicity.

YouTube’s remark on the harassment

However, YouTube declared that none of the policies is violated by the Crowder’s comments. In addition, the media company will withdraw ads from his videos. This withdrawing of ads is a kind of Demonetization on YouTube. It won’t affect Crowder as a means of making money, while he can once again generate by addressing the issues in his videos. On the other hand, Crowder’s fans are accusing Maza of destroying once career which costs him for living.

YouTube likely to upgrade its policies for online harassment

SOURCE: The Verge

YouTube also claimed that they should upgrade every policy with respect to the current situation. And the most popular challenge that a company faces is harassment between creators. However, with this current problem, the most important problem which exists in the company itself. YouTube’s enforcement problem won’t bring any chances with this elevation of new policies.   

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