YouTube revamps its Copyright Claim System for Creators

YouTube adds timestamps feature.
Credits: Engadget

YouTube timestamps are the new feature added by the company. Also, they have added a few changes to the system to deal with infringement claims. As we all know, these days, the site is solely used to extort and abuse creators. Users can now manually file copyright infringement claims which will contain timestamps.

YouTube Copyright infringement claims

Now, it will be easier for users to report the exact part of the video. YouTube won’t spare the unscrupulous individuals this time. If anyone is found abusing the rules, then the company will revoke a user’s access to manual claims.

However, this will be done if they repeatedly fail to give accurate manual timestamps. Copying and uploading the same content is illegal on YouTube. The site can recognize audio and visual matches with the help of its ID technology.

Besides, copyright owners can report the channel or the video if they find any unauthorized use of their property or video. Sometimes, the manual claim’s recipient unknowingly adds the content of the other users. They can check the timestamps indicated by the reporting party and edit the part of their video clip.

If they decide to edit the video instead of disputing the claim, then they can use editing tools provided by YouTube to address the issue. Now, the creators can swap out the music, add free music from the audio library or mute all sounds with the help of timestamps.

However, if the creator believes that removing the segment will be best, then they can easily trim out the clip. The streaming giant is always looking to find ways to improve their editing tools and the creator copyright experience.

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