YouTuber Grant Thompson known for ‘mad science’ experiments is dead

The King of Random Channel was owned by Grant Thompson.
Source: Naibuzz

Popular YouTuber, Jonathan Grant Thompson passed away in a paraglider crash, and the internet is mourning over his death.

Jonathan Grant Thompson fans are heartbroken

The 38-year-old Grant Thompson, the creator of popular YouTube The King of Random, died in a paragliding accident. The Utah police reported the incident. Fans are mourning on the internet. Some of them revealed that his legacy would continue to live on his YouTube channel and his global community.

He was a famous creator and an adventurer who daily created science videos for his YouTube channel. He had built a huge family of more than 11 million subscribers on The King of Random channel.

His zany tutorials, a combination of edgy science, easy-to-follow explanations never left a chance to entertain his audience.

His videos used to rack up more than a million views which would land him in great trouble. Mostly, he used to film his videos in his backyard in the Utah neighborhood. Sadly, on Monday, his latest adventure took his life.

How did he die?

According to the reports, the tragedy occurred on Monday. The police in southern Utah stated that the YouTuber was gliding through the air in paragliding. Moreover, it crashed in an isolated region of the steep valley as well as jagged peaks. The police reached the scene and recovered his video footage.

On July 31st, The King of Random channel shared a one-minute memorial video. The post stated that he had a great love and appreciation for his fans.

The video invited all the viewers to do a random act of respect for him on his channel. After the video was posted, sad fans are pouring with RIP comments. He was one of the oldest YouTuber it is sad to see him go this soon.

Grant Thompson died at the age of 38

Source: Naibuzz

He had formed his channel back in 2010, and his subscribers grew as he brought unique content like life hacks, zombie apocalypse-worthy survival tips, random weekend projects, and bizarre experiment to his channel. Moreover, his fans referred to him as a combination of MacGyver and Bear Grylls.

There is no guy like him to bring new backyard science projects, and we pray for his soul to rest in peace.

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